About the MHBPNA

Welcome to the 'About Us' section. Here you can get a little bit of background about the MHBPNA, see the current Board of Directors, and also check out upcoming Board activities.  If you are looking for ways to get involved in the MHBPNA, checkout our Get Involved section or come out to one of our monthly board meetings - everyone is welcome!

Principles of a Neighbourhood Association

The principles for the Association are as follows:

Any group that forms to provide a benefit to the neighbourhood can be an affiliated neighbourhood group if:

  • There is a contact person who will be the liaison with other groups and willing to meet at least two times a year for a joint Neighbourhood Association meeting;
  • There is a contact available to the broader public;
  • The groups offers a program/activity that benefits a significant part of the neighbourhood or population within the neighbourhood
  • The group and its activities are open to everyone and has minimal barriers/requirements for participation e.g. fees.
  • The group is open to sharing with other neighbourhood group representatives and collaborating for mutual benefit.

If funds are managed or required by the group:

Board of Directors, 2017-2018

Carly Greco


Levi Oakey


Emily Slofstra



Shannon Sweeney


Communications Director

Louis Burbach