June 2014

No Parking at Lippert Park

The widening of Weber street is bringing a great deal of change to our neighbourhood. Streets will be closed (Breithaupt and, ultimately, Waterloo), houses have been torn down and Lippert Park will gain some land as Weber is straightened.This is Lippert Park as it appeared a couple of years ago:Notice the wide shoulder on the street. There was a nice 3 metre boulevard between the street and the park where people often parked their cars.

The ART of Traffic Calming

On Monday June 30th, the MHBPNA will be representing our Neighbourhood in support of a pilot project to create intersection artwork to help traffic calming. Councillor Glenn-Graham is bringing forward a motion to start a feasibility study for a pilot project with the intent of starting with Ahrens and Wilhelm.  Please come to see the presentation.

Volunteers needed for dance this Saturday

Please help us put on an amazing dance this Saturday evening at the Breithaupt Centre for the 0-9 and 10+ crowd. Much Music will be presenting videos and fun. We cannot do this without the help of our community. Email us at [email protected] if you can help. Are you a high school student needing volunteer hours? A neighbour with insomnia? A great person just looking to help? 8 pm to 12 pm is our most need time frame.


Remember those dances??The Mt Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association is hosting a MUCH Video dance on Saturday, June 28th at the Breithaupt Centre.As we did last dance, the time from 6:00pm to 8:00pm is reserved for children ages 0-9 (please bring sufficient hearing protection for infants) and from 8:00pm to 11:30 is for children 10+.0-9 $5.00 at the door10+ $10.00 at the doorThere will be refreshments for purchase.

Second Annual Neighbourhood Bike Tour a success!

Our Neighbourhood Association's Partnerships Director, Chris Dewar, led us on a fun bike tour of our neighbourhood. On Sunday, June 1, we met at the parking lot across from the Breithaupt Block. Chris brought his trusty pump to ensure everyone's tires were up to the 2 hour ride.We had about 16 people show up at the parking lot, eager to cycle through our neighbourhood and talk about some of the landmarks.