November 2014

Principles of a Neighbourhood Association

The principles for the Association are as follows:

Any group that forms to provide a benefit to the neighbourhood can be an affiliated neighbourhood group if:

  • There is a contact person who will be the liaison with other groups and willing to meet at least two times a year for a joint Neighbourhood Association meeting;
  • There is a contact available to the broader public;
  • The groups offers a program/activity that benefits a significant part of the neighbourhood or population within the neighbourhood
  • The group and its activities are open to everyone and has minimal barriers/requirements for participation e.g. fees.
  • The group is open to sharing with other neighbourhood group representatives and collaborating for mutual benefit.

If funds are managed or required by the group:

About the MHBPNA

The Mt. Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association was formed early 1980’s in part due to concerns residents were having with industrial activity—Panel Vaneer, Maple Lanes, meat processing plants down Arnold St and more…. In about 1983/84 an Ontario Neighbourhood Improvement Program was funded by the Province and facilitated by City planning staff and neighbours were engaged to plan improvement projects for the neighbourhood—Lipps Park playground, tree plantings and streetscape enhancements along St. Leger and Time Out drop in program for parents and tots were a result of this activity all in place by about 1988. During the 1990’s there were emerging concerns about drug and criminal activity in various parts of the neighbourhood—numerous meetings were held, Neighbourhood Watch groups formed and projects such as safety audits and neighbourhood safety surveys undertaken. The Neighbourhood Mobilization group emerged through this activity to take leadership for responding to neighbourhood concerns.