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Transit Hub: Your Opinion Matters


The Region of Waterloo put on a great display about the Transit Hub yesterday. They are seeking input on the Waterloo Street entrance and there are three options. 

If you could not make it to their presentation the display panels are and you can still provide input into the design by clicking on the "" link. Please contribute to the discussion!

Waterloo St. will have an entrance for local residents to access the hub via walking or biking. Duke St. will be the main "bike path" access and there are plans for a bike and walking path from Duke to King and past (eventually connecting with the Iron Horse Trail).

To clarify: staff are seeking input into the Waterloo St. entrance to the hub. The size and configuration of the actual hub is still to be determined and will depend on the private partner(s), market forces, other downtown development and the timing of the eventual heat death of the universe (this last point is more for long term planning).

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Friday, May 20, 2016 - 09:45

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