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Winterfest in the 'Hood is coming tomorrow!

Hey, let's not forget that we have an excellent time planned for everyone tomorrow (Saturday, February 21, 3-9) at Hillside Park.

The event was posted . We have also been selected as one of the "5 things to do on the weekend" and that link is . You know you have really "made it" in KW when you make that list.

Another thing to bear in mind: We at the MHBPNA have heard people complaining about the weather and how it has been unseasonably cold. This is true, it has been chilly lately. And many schools because of the temperature. Well, we have hooked up with some serious "global powers" and as you can see from , we will warm up to -6c on Saturday! 

If you would like to chat about the event, we have a as well. 

Click on image below for all the details:

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Friday, February 20, 2015 - 13:20

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