Welcome to the MHBPNA Blog, run for several years by our committed and long-standing Board Member, Ted Parkinson!  Ted created the original MHBPNA blogspot way back in 2008 and has dutifully kept it current and interesting since then.  This page merely provides a window into Ted's latest musings - for the real meat of the MHBPNA blog, and to see all the posts going back to 2008,  

We had a meeting!

Every month the MHBPNA has an "executive" meeting which is open to the public. These occur on the first Wednesday (7 pm) or Saturday (10 am) of the month and are upstairs in the Breithaupt Centre.

Sometimes Ice is Nice

As we wind our way towards the promised land of summer we should remember the terrible beauty of our 'mini-icestorm' of a couple of weeks ago. Certainly it was not as brutal as a few years ago but some trees did lose branches. One thing that always occurs after the worst subsides is that our neighbourhood fills up with photographers hitting the streets. 

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