Sometimes Ice is Nice

As we wind our way towards the promised land of summer we should remember the terrible beauty of our 'mini-icestorm' of a couple of weeks ago. Certainly it was not as brutal as a few years ago but some trees did lose branches. One thing that always occurs after the worst subsides is that our neighbourhood fills up with photographers hitting the streets. 

AGM 2015 Executive Roundup

Thanks to all who came out to our AGM on 
Saturday October 3rd. 
Good things are being done in our hood!
Our Board was elected with two new faces.

CoChair- Ted Parkinson
CoChair- Lane Burman
Secretary- Linda Vandenakker
Treasurer- Trudy Beaulne
Communications Director- James Gaede
Program Director- Michelle Jennings
Special Events Director- Dan Lauckner
Partnership Director- Graham Jackson
Member at Large- Louis Burbach
Member at Large- Laura Morelli

Margaret Avenue Bridge Reopening Party

Brought to you by the neighbourhood associations .... Central Frederick, Old Berlin Towne, and Mount Hope Breithaupt. 

Save the date as we plan a celebration to celebrate our newly reunited neighbourhoods - right on the Margaret Avenue Bridge.

(P.S., The bridge is now open for all traffic. The city will be closing it for a few hours on Friday October 30th for our celebration.)


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