The MHBPNA 2015 Fall Newsletter

The 2015 Fall Newsletter has been printed by the City of Kitchener and is now ready for delivery.  

In this issue you will find updates on the Margaret Avenue Bridge and the Spur Line Trail, a re-cap of the first annual MHBPNA Soapbox Derby, notices of upcoming fall programs, a word from Councillor Sarah Marsh on traffic in the neighbourhood, a special contribution from community member Wayne Miedema and more!

Lippert Park Master Plan released

The city of Kitchener has been working to "rehabilitate" many of the parks throughout the city. This process started in MHBP with several upgrades to Breithaupt Park. City Staff met with residents where we had many proposals and many were rejected (the rejected proposals included a bike "pump" track, small cricket field, shade structure(s) near the splash pad). 

First Annual MHBP Soapbox Derby Race!

As you may have heard, the neighbourhood association is organizing what we hope will be the first annual MHBP neighbourhood soapbox derby race!  The planned date is Saturday, August 22, with a rain date of the following Saturday (the 29th).  The location is the Louisa St hill, at the corner with Margaret.

More information will be added in time, but for now please check out the attached files on this page.  There are two specs sheets laying out how to build a car, as well as a rules/guidelines page.  

Wilhem / Ahrens St. Intersection Street Painting Design

After considerable time and effort from MHBP volunteers and members of the community, we have finalized the design of the street painting for the intersection of Ahrens and Wilhelm that is to take place this summer.  Please see the attached PDF to check it out. 

Many have commented that it would be nice to have the large triangles point toward compass directions (i.e., North, South, East, West), but we were not able to do so for safety reasons.  However, the smaller white arrows do point in those directions (or so I'm told). 


3rd Annual MHBPNA Bike Tour


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