Winterfest in the 'Hood

Hello MHBP community members!

I am thrilled to invite you to our Winterfest at Hillside Park.  It is going to be a blast!

Please share this with all of your networks.  Like us on , and join our soon-to-be-created, event!  We want the whole neighbourhood out.

We are going to using a radar gun to clock fastest down the hill.  We got our hands on some gigantic inner tubes, and when it gets dark?  We have live DJ's lighting up the hill.

Fun Family Toboggan Party Feb 21

You will want to reserve Saturday, February 21 for some fun and excitement. The MHBPNA is sponsoring and organizing a most excellent and amazingly exciting event. We will be having a toboggan party! Please read the poster and think happy thoughts. Come out with your family and zoom down a hill. If you would like to volunteer, contact us at .

Lantern Walk 2014


The 2014 Lantern Walk on December 21 was a great success, with over 100 people in attendance!  Community members began showing up around 6pm, just after dark, and by the time the walk started down Hett St., toward Wilhelm, the crowd had grown to fill an entire city block at a time.  After rounding several blocks, the walkers returned to the starting point by about 7:30pm.  
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The MHBPNA coordinated with the City of Kitchener and Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro to turn off the street lights in the neighbourhood, making the streets extra dark on this already dark and clear night. Refreshments were served (hot apple cider) prior to the walk, and a local carolling group provided an excellent musical performance!  In a speech prior to setting off, participants were reminded that the walk was an opportunity to reflect on the year past and coming, and on the importance of finding peace during the busy holiday season.

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!

The Mt. Hope - Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association would like to wish all community members, friends and partners a warm season's greetings and a happy new year! This past year has been a busy one, with lots of developments taking place in our neighbourhood - the Region agreed to move ahead with the , the widening of , the remains closed (but the City has finalized its plans for it), and the Victoria Commons housing development continues to move forward,  

What's more, volunteers in our community have organized and held lots of great, fun events for people of all ages.  On Dekay St. alone we had the n the summer and the Dekay Street party on Labour Day weekend.  On December 21st, the very well-attended took place around the Blucher / Wilhelm Street area. Earlier in the year, the Neighbourhood Association organized  a for kids that was a lot of fun.  And these are only a few of the exciting events that took place in our neighbourhood in 2014! 


Neighbourhood Summit, 2014

The City of Kitchener supports its neighbourhood associations in many different ways. They print our newsletters, pay several support staff to help our associations with planning our events and (hopefully) cutting through red tape and each year they hold a Neighbourhood Summit which brings together many of the associations to meet each other and talk over success stories and plan for the future.

Stakeholder Interviews - Planning Around Rapid Transit Stations (PARTS) Central Stations Study Area Plan

The City of Kitchener is beginning to prepare the Central Stations Study Area Plan for the study area shown in the map below. The intent of the plan is to determine the most appropriate land uses, streetscapes and infrastructure requirements including a plan for transportation which will address pedestrian, bicycle, transit and road issues as well as traffic in general, within about a 10 minute walk of the ION rapid transit stations. Stormwater management, access to water and wastewater may also be addressed.

Construction Update - Margaret St. Bridge

The Margaret Avenue bridge construction project was awarded to Alliance Verdi Civil Inc. on October 16th. Alliance Verdi is based out of Bolton, Ontario and has completed many large bridge construction and repair contracts across the province. The contractor began work on October 27th. To-date, the contractor has completed mobilization and set-up of the construction site, and all preparatory work, which includes locating all adjacent utilities. They are currently arranging for a work permit from the railway in order to begin work in the vicinity of the tracks.


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