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Central Stations Study Area Plan

The Central Stations Study Area Plan process will be a collaborative exercise involving various stakeholders, including property owners, residents, business owners, and development interests. The intent of the Plan is to determine the most appropriate land uses, streetscapes and infrastructure requirements including a plan for transportation which will address pedestrian, bicycle, transit and road issues as well as traffic in general, within about a 10 minute walk of the ION rapid transit station stops. The process will be executed in 5 phases.

The Central Stations Study Area Plan is being undertaken by the City of Kitchener as part of its larger Planning Around Rapid Transit Stations (PARTS) initiative.  The primary purpose of the PARTS project is to provide direction for future development and stability within station study areas along with recommendations for capital projects to ensure that these areas are developed in a way that is transit supportive and adds value to our community.  PARTS has proceeded in two phases - the first phase being mainly information gathering, and the second phase consisting of five corridor-wide studies taking place between 2015-2017.  Central Stations (map attached) touches on the MHBP neighbourhood.  See also the attached link for the City website.