Jane’s Walk is on for May 1, 2010, 10 am

Our 2nd annual Jane’s Walk is shaping up. Some of us have been planning a route and asking your neighbours to be speakers. Things are still in flux, but the walk will start at 10 am at Lippert Park (on Weber St. across from Louisa). 

We will walk along Duke and we call this portion the “Legends of Duke Street” part. Learn about the mysterious bog, the abandoned factory, the moved house and more!

Then we’ll look at some historic architecture in the area and hopefully have someone to talk about growing up in the area in the “olden days”. 

We will finish up in the Mount Hope cemetery where Wayne will once again enthrall us with tales of the past because every headstone has stories.

We hope you can join us at 10 am, Saturday morning, May 1: Lippert Park.

2 thoughts on “Jane’s Walk is on for May 1, 2010, 10 am

  1. We missed the Walk, but we'd love to hear stories about the place we live. We're on the main floor of the old corner store at Guelph at DeKay. I know there's a lot of history surrounding the building, and we've heard bits and pieces, but we'd love to know more!

  2. I guess I missed this comment many months ago. Sorry, Keith. We are planning another Jane's walk for next year so you will have an opportunity–hope you can come out in 2011.

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