Tapestry festival in Kitchener from June 4 to 27

My wife and I decided to have a “downtown” experience today after work. First stop Budds for clothes! It’s a great store with friendly people, great prices and for this weekend, NO TAXES. (Actually, there were no taxes last month as well). Anyway, I finally got some shorts that fit and look nice. They only problem is they close at 5:30 on a Friday. What is that all about? I guess it goes with the 1965 vibe.

Then to Ye’s Sushi where we just ordered off the menu instead of indulging in the “all you can eat”. We wanted to minimize our consumption and also have enough time to catch the music in front of city hall. So after a Bento Box and Sushi combo, we headed across the street. The distance is short but with all the streets torn up, it is not easy to get anywhere. Fortunately, it looks like the end is in sight as there is more concrete than dirt on King Street these days. In another year the Google Street View folks will be able to come back in their car and actually make it down the whole street!

We were greeted at city hall by the sounds of the “New Horizons” concert band which is composed of some senior citizens and a few middle-aged folks. OK, they were a bit out of tune, but they had enthusiasm (especially the conductor) and all wore the same nice blue shirts which counts for something.

 After the concert band departed, a group of youngsters took to the stage to play some really fabulous jazz. These kids looked like they still had to have their parents drive them to gigs, but they played some really awesome inventive jazz. They are called Macondo (although the Tapestry brochure available in city hall calls them “Mandoco”) and the sax player is originally from Chile, while the bass, piano and drummer are local.

They are also playing at the Kites of Joy and Freedom Festival on June 13. You should really check them out because they displayed a subtlety way beyond their years. I hope they continue to play together for a long time.

In fact, there is lots of good (free) music happening tomorrow night at city hall, and throughout the month. Check out the city’s web site here. There is also a film festival going on inside city hall in the rotunda so while the jazz was heating up outside (despite the rain) a few people sat inside watching a Neal Young concert film. Strange but true.

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