Duke Street Playground is open for business

The MHBPNA Blog would like to share some images of the new structure at the Duke Street playground.

There is a sign on the structure stating the intended age for users is 5 – 12. In fact, there is a warning about ensuring these guidelines are followed. This is probably because the slides are metal and there is a danger younger kids could hurt themselves if not closely supervised.
Here is a photo of “age appropriate” children playing on the structure:
Personally, the MBBPNA Blog feels that children slightly older than 12 could still have a lot of fun here. There are plenty of opportunities for climbing and hanging and using different parts of the equipment beyond their intended purpose!
It is a little late in the year for a whole lot of use, but we’ll put a link to this story in the spring to remind our faithful readers about this magical place.
At the front of the park there is still a “pit” where the old swings are being relocated. We’ll see if this happens before the snow falls.

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