Environmental Testing around Shanley and Duke Factory site

The Neighbourhood Mobilization Alliance (NMA) has formed a sub-committee to work with local politicians and the government and find a resolution to the former Electrohome factory at the corner of Shanley and Duke. We are hoping someone will purchase the building, clean up any contaminants still present, and develop it into condos, offices or some other purpose that will contribute to the neighbourhood. Those of us who have attended the NMA meetings have heard of some positive developments after many years of inaction.

One positive result has been the Ministry of the Environment’s agreement to perform indoor air testing of homes in the immediate area. As the Ministry states in their letter, “Previous environmental assessments within the vicinity of the contamination have indicated that unacceptable impacts to indoor air are not anticipated.” It will help our community if home owners volunteer for the testing because rumours about contamination will be dispelled.

The Ministry will be delivering notices to the doors of those who live in the area and the MHBPNA Blog is posting the letter here for anyone who wishes to read it.

Please read the Ministry’s letter so you can remain informed about your neighbourhood.

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