Evolution of the King and Victoria Corner

The MHBPNA Blog is very excited to post a contribution by Matt, who lives in our neighbourhood. If any of you have content, events, observations etc., please send them to our email address and we will share.

I wanted to give you a street level update of the King and Victoria street area. I walk by this corner each morning on my way to work at the Tannery.
I recall this still being the Tin Roof a coffee shop in the 90’s but can’t recall when that stopped. Over the last few years it was an Asian grocery store and I think it’s been vacant for the last year or two at least. Seeing it usually prompts a few moments of speculation. Especially with the pharmacy school open, it seemed inevitable that this land would be repurposed. I imagine it’s in line with the exciting transit hub plans, but for the interim, this blended spectacle of a long time Kitchener landmark and decaying retail is no longer.
I plan on asking my neighbour, who grew up in the house he’s in, what he remembers of the location. It was a sketchy area in the 90s as some of us I am sure recall. I am often guilty of not perceiving enough change in the downtown, but that intersection has really transformed in the last 20 years.

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