End of May Blog updates

We had a very interesting Neighbourhood Mobilization Alliance meeting last Wednesday at Kitchener City Hall. Among the items discussed was some encouraging news about “brownfield” areas and development plans for them. The Blog will be posting more information on this topic in a week or so.

Transit discussions are heating up. Practically half the letters to the Editor in The Record are on the transit issue. The MHBPNA Blog is completely in favour of better transit but is disappointed we have only two options, LRT or one rapid bus proposal. There are many other innovative possibilities but long ago our planners chose to ignore them.

During our recent Jane’s Walk, we discussed plans for a mixed use trail to be constructed along the current rail spur line from Ahrens street in Kitchener to Willis Way in Waterloo. In today’s Record there is an article about these plans. Click here to read the article which includes a nice map. I am putting the meeting on our Blog’s Calendar.

It has rained for many days. Then we had a great weekend and now it’s raining again. I know the plants have to grow, but I think we deserve some sunshine in our Mt Hope – Breithaupt Park area!

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