Great article on Kitchener-Waterloo

First off, the MHBPNA Blog apologizes for the lack of recent articles. We can only blame it on the heat which makes us slothful in all ways. Plus, there are always lots of events in Kitchener and Waterloo over the summer, so perhaps people are not as interested in Blog related items anyway.

The next Big Event will be the Kitchener Blues Festival, and this is an easy walk for most areas of our Neighbourhood.

There are some updates we’ve received from city hall on three “brownfields” in our area and information will be posted on those. Perhaps I will have some time on this beautiful long weekend for that.

In the meantime, we wanted to point out a great story about Kitchener and Waterloo published online by Macleans’s magazine. Click here for the story. It is well written indeed, so enjoy.

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