Is it Spring, or just an illusion?

Let us say the Blog is back in action after a bit of a winter hibernation. Events have been a little slow but with this early spring, things seem to be picking up. Of course calling it “spring” is premature, but the weather has been so great that we can just enjoy it, and see what the next week brings (even if it is snow!).

Here are some links to information and events about the city and our neighbourhoods:

The City of Kitchener has just published the latest issue of the Your Kitchener newsletter. This is delivered to households in the city, but it is nice to have access to the PDF version as well.

To read about a recent meeting concerning the 1 Adam Street Development please click here.

To read the Cherry Park Neighbourhood’s Spring Newsletter please click here.

Coming up soon in the Blog posts: Gigantic development or much-needed housing at Louisa and King?

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