Life, the Universe and our Neighbourhood

Once again, it was a marvellous weekend with the Kitchener Blues Festival. There were many stages with free music and even though we had some rain, overall the weather was pretty good. Of course downtown Kitchener is not in our neighbourhood boundaries, but it is so close, most of us can walk there.

This week, there is another event you can walk or drive downtown for, and that is the Wednesday evening meeting of the Neighbourhood Mobilization Alliance (NMA) which takes place in the Conestogo room of Kitchener City Hall.

What is the NMA you ask? It is neighbours getting together with city officials to talk about our area. Topics can include: traffic calming, bylaw enforcement (is your neighbour ignoring the fire ban or replacing their car engine on their front lawn?), city initiatives, industrial activity infringing on residential life, upcoming events etc. etc.

This organization meets every other month and dates are always posted in the Calendar section of our Blog.

The history of the NMA is recounted on Page 10 of this newsletter. Please read it to get an idea of how far we have come.

We appreciate it when more neighbours attend these meetings because it helps us get more support (or “buy in”) from the Police, By-Law and other city officials who regularly attend.

See you there on Wednesday!

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