Family Day at Woodside

Happy Family Day. It makes it even better if you get a holiday today because of course, many do not. If you have the time, one activity is going on right in our neighbourhood:

Family Day at Woodside National Historic site.

Parks Canada is facing large reductions in their operating budget which is leading to laying off many workers and other guides at historic sites around the country. The Record reported that today is the last “live guided tour” at Woodside. It remains to be seen what will happen in the summer. There could be an audio tour or simply a few “interpretive” signs. 

Our local MP, Peter Braid, will attend this family day event. Perhaps he will answer questions about Parks Canada budget cuts?

In any event, it is a great opportunity to see this historic site and hot chocolate will be served!

UPDATE: #mhbp was at Woodside and has added the following picture for your benefit. It is the library where Mackenzie King’s lawyer father had his desk and the young Willie would have learned the benefits of reading great books.

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