Gardens and Bikes are good for everyone

Despite persistant rumours of snow, spring marches onward in Kitchener!

Do you like to garden, but do not have enough room, or sun in your yard to accomplish the proper cultivation of food? Here is a great link for you to discover a location in our city. Many people are sharing their own yards:,+on

You can garden in someone else’s space, or even donate part of your yard to promote the adventure of the garden.

Would you like to know more about biking in Kitchener? Here is a link on the City of Kitchener website:

And don’t forget, as mentioned in our Spring Newsletter, our neighbourhood association is hosting a neighbourhood bike tour on Sunday, June 2. We will be meeting in the parking lot at Breithaupt Block at 1 pm.

In fact, you can go to Kitchener’s “Bike Fest” on May 26 to get your bike tuned up and then come out the next week to our bicycle tour.

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