Public Meeting: Weber Street Widening, Thursday June 13

You may have noticed the vast expanse of land that seemingly appeared overnight along Weber St. I barely remember what it looked like.  With all of the houses gone, it is time to start construction.

The Regional Council on Monday, approved the contractor Steed and Evans to complete the Weber Street Widening.  This project is one of the largest (most costly), the Region has undertaken.  It is also a very important project as it will drastically shape our neighbourhood, and the way we use it.  

On Thursday June 13th at 5:15, the Region will be holding a Public Information Meeting at St. Teresa School at 270 Edwin St.  This meeting will allow all residents to see the schedule of the work and potential impacts on private property such as access and traffic movement.  

This will also be an opportunity to see the final design drawings and plans.  Steed and Evans will be there as well as Regional Staff to answer any questions you may have.  This IS NOT a public consultation to discuss design.  The design is complete, and had been awarded already.

Please come out and see how this huge project has, and how it will take shape.  This is an exciting time for our neighbourhood, and the more informed you are, the better some of these changes will be understood.  And please ask questions, and lots of them!

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Public Meeting: Weber Street Widening, Thursday June 13

  1. We learned a great deal at this meeting but only 20 people attended. We will try and post some information on the Blog and we hope the Region makes their website much clearer as well.

  2. I look forward to the info being posted – I was trying to make it to the meeting but was stuck at work, unfortunately (a shame too, since my office is just around the corner).

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