MHBPNA meeting tonight, 7 pm, Breithaupt Centre

Normally, MHBPNA meetings are held the first Saturday morning of each month at 10 am at the Breithaupt Centre. The first hour is open to the public and we have agendas available and ‘new business’ can be presented. The second hour is reserved for the executive to discuss motions upon which they will vote.

As many have noticed, it is now summer and “things change”. So we are meeting tonight (instead of Saturday) at the Breithaupt Centre in room 109 at 7 pm. Everyone from our neighbourhood is welcome to attend and we will be discussing items like: newsletter production, fall programs at the Breithaupt Centre, Weber Street Widening, update on Shanley and Duke building etc.

Please drop by and hear what is going on in #mhbp!

One thought on “MHBPNA meeting tonight, 7 pm, Breithaupt Centre

  1. What were the results of the Shanley/Duke building? Im afraid I did not hear about the meeting until after it was over, and recent events there have stirred things up a bit.

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