Earth Day Cleanup Event, Thursday April 24, 2014

Today is Earth Day! But of course every day is Earth day as we continue our crazy and exciting journey around the sun. Many businesses and organizations are having clean up events as part of this special “day” and the MHBPNA is organizing one as well.

Please come out on Thursday, April 24th to George Lippert Park around 6 pm to help with a cleanup. We hope to work through the Park and start on the rail line which might “spur” on a discussion of the proposed Spur Line trail. 

OK, Thursday is not technically “Earth Day” but we are allowed to celebrate it as much as we wish. Especially during “earth week”!

Bring your own small grocery bags for putting garbage into and we will supply larger black garbage bags.

Meet some neighbours, have some fun and feel good about the universe and our place within it.

Click on image below to become even more inspired!

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