MHBP Pen Pal Project announced

Check your mailbox and find a fun surprise to help you survive the rest of the winter! 

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Not an email. But a real, honest to

goodness letter…. With paper, pen and an envelope with an address and a stamp on

it…  For some, it might be more than a decade since you’ve put pen to paper and

connected with a friend or family across the miles, then eagerly awaited a reply.

No need to get stuck in the nostalgia of letter-writing because now you can

participate in the Mount Hope-Breithaupt Park Pen Pal Project!

A group of neighbourhood residents have a fun way to help you survive the rest of

our southern Ontario winter AND connect with a resident of our large & diverse

neighbourhood that you probably don’t know!

Most people in a community neighbourhood look for some sense of belonging and

connection to the place where they live and the people who live there. The Pen Pal

Project will help you do this!

How to Pen Pal in 5 easy steps

1. Sign up to be a pen pal

2. Eagerly await your pen pal match & participation package

3. Start exchanging letters with your new pen pal

4. Watch your mailbox fill up with letters!

5. Plan to meet your new pen pal at a neighbourhood picnic in June!

6. Encourage your neighbours to participate too!

Need more information? Get in touch…. 



T: 519.741.0190 ext.300 (Matt)

This project is organized by neighbourhood residents Ted, Juanita, Meg, & Sarah

with friends Matt & Kim at Extend-a-Family Waterloo Region (this organization is in

our neighbourhood). This project was made possible with a grant from the Safe &

Healthy Community Advisory Committee (Kitchener) and support from MHBPNA and


Submitted by

Juanita Metzger

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