Lippert Park Master Plan released

The city of Kitchener has been working to “rehabilitate” many of the parks throughout the city. This process started in MHBP with several upgrades to Breithaupt Park. City Staff met with residents where we had many proposals and many were rejected (the rejected proposals included a bike “pump” track, small cricket field, shade structure(s) near the splash pad). 

Some of our ideas were implemented and the city added some renovations of their own. 

A list of improvements to Breithaupt Park, along with panels showing graphic displays, is available here.

The MHBPNA believes the city has made a much improved attempt to engage residents in talking about the upgrades to George Lippert Park. They posted a detailed online survey with two proposals and many people filled this out with their preferences and extensive comments. 

Our councillor Sarah Marsh also came to our Earth Day Cleanup where many of us talked about how we used the park and what improvements would help us enjoy it even more.

The consultation and planning processes are now complete and the city has released its “Master Plan” which is a combination of the Plan A and Plan B we were shown a few months ago. The George Lippert Park occupies a unique location in the middle of our neighbourhood and the MHBPNA believes this Master Plan is very exciting and will turn it into an even better location to plan events, bring children to play and will improve community engagement. It is already a nice space and it will be even better!

Below we are posting the message from the city and links to the two detailed handouts they have provided. There are many exciting elements of this plan including significant improvements to the walkways and park drainage, a mini dog park, a new trail and improvements to the tennis and basketball courts.

The main failure of the new plan is access to the park. Prior to the Weber Street widening there were about three parking spots along Weber which were handy for parents with strollers and since there was no curb it was also convenient when we had a picnic or other event, to drive up to the side of the park and unload supplies. We have had fire trucks and Police attend some events and they easily drove in. Weber Street is busier than ever and the new curbs are very high which make it difficult for most vehicles to enter. 

We experienced this access problem at the Pen Pal Picnic several weeks ago. We had to drive through the private parking lot of the apartment building to the side in order to unload (and reload) heavy tables. Although there will be more picnic areas in the renovated park, and more places to meet and hold events, the city has no plans to improve access. The MHBPNA did raise this issue several times before and during the Weber Street widening but the Region just said “no parking on Regional Roads” and the city was not responsive.

Despite this one issue, the improvements to the park are exciting and we are looking forward to the vitality it will bring to the centre of our neighbourhood.

The outline of improvements is below. 

The George Lippert Park website is here.

For the full description of the Master Plan click here.

And for a graphic overview of the plan click here.

The city has developed a Master Plan for George Lippert Park based on feedback and ideas received from the concept plans and Public Information Centre.  The Master Plan is a combination of improvements presented in both concept plans.  Please find attached the Concept Summary and George Lippert park Improvements Masterplan for your information.
The proposed improvements for the Master Plan include:

·         Looped Trail – Granular Surface
·         Micro Area Leash Free Dog Park
·         New Benches throughout park
·         Picnic Area with new Tables
·         Community Garden Fence Repair and Signs
·         Playground Edge to be Cleaned Up and Formalized
·         New Swing Set with two baby and two belt swings
·         Paved Path from Trail to Tennis Court & Building 
·         Review all existing Trees and Vegetation, trim trees and clean up vegetation growing along fences
·         New and additional garbage can locations along the trail
·         Tree planting along Weber Street Frontage
·         New Trail Loop Connecting the Back of the Park to Weber Street on the South Side of the Park
·         Low Areas of the Park to be Fixed to Prevent Ponding
·         Park Post Signs to be installed at each entrance off Weber Street
·         New Tree Planting throughout the Park
·         Tennis & Basketball Court Upgrades

o    Crack Seal & Repair Asphalt, Repaint Court Lines
o    Repair and Install new Chain-link Fence
o    Relocate Basketball to North Side of Tennis Court
o    Basketball to get new Posts, Nets and Boards
It is anticipated that construction of these improvements will start Fall 2015. 
For more information, please visit the City’s George Lippert Park website Page

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