Sometimes Ice is Nice

As we wind our way towards the promised land of summer we should remember the terrible beauty of our ‘mini-icestorm’ of a couple of weeks ago. Certainly it was not as brutal as a few years ago but some trees did lose branches. One thing that always occurs after the worst subsides is that our neighbourhood fills up with photographers hitting the streets. 

Ice storms offer unusual  and exciting photography opportunities. Nature covers itself in a potentially deadly sheath of ice, threatening the existence of trees and shrubs. Yet, eventually it melts and the majority of the landscape survives.

Here are some photos that MHBP neighbours shared (we put a callout on our Facebook page). Enjoy these photos (from Sharon, Lane, Joan, Ted and others) and think ahead to the end of this week when the forecast is promising to be +10c and sunny!

As always, “click to enlarge”.

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