We had a meeting!

Every month the MHBPNA has an “executive” meeting which is open to the public. These occur on the first Wednesday (7 pm) or Saturday (10 am) of the month and are upstairs in the Breithaupt Centre.

We always have a basic agenda though “new business” is welcomed. The first hour is a general discussion of our neighbourhood, events, ideas, etc. The second hour is “executive discussion.” The public can still attend and talk but only executive members can vote on motions.

The next meeting will always be shown on our website here on the top right under “Calendar”. 

At our last meeting (May 7th) we discussed:

–Our meetings with Regional planners over the Transit Hub and Waterloo Street options
–A Victoria Common newsletter that is getting started and how we can reach out to the folks who are living there now.
–The timing and content for our next physical newsletter
–A review of our very successful Earth Day Cleanup (a co-project with the Mary Allen neighbourhood of Waterloo). We had over 40 people come to our section of the Spur Line trail and collected several bags of garbage and wound up some thick cable left behind by the company building the trail. And we almost won the “most interesting item” contest!
–Update on Lippert Park. Apparently it should be done by July and they are resurfacing the tennis/basketball courts.
–We have MANY exciting programs in the fall which include: Creative Lego (ages 4-6), Mechanical Lego (ages 7-8), Daytime Lego (ages 9-12), Introduction to Aromatherapy and some Vegetarian Cooking classes. We will announce these in more detail when registration is open for them and we have definite time slots.

Everyone in Mt Hope – Breithaupt Park is welcome to attend our meetings. Find out what is going on in our area. If you are planning an event we can help with ideas and perhaps provide some funding.

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