PARTS public event, Thursday, 6:30 pm – 9 pm, Victoria Park Pavillion

PARTS (Planning Around Rapid Transit Stations): Midtown and Rockway

This is the 3rd and final Public Information Centre (PIC) to discuss planning around the Midtown and Rockway ION station areas.

Stakeholders and the public are invited to view the preferred land use options and supporting technical analysis including stormwater and sanitary sewer capacity modeling for the two station areas.

With ION rapid transit coming to the region, the city’s planning division has under taken a project – Planning Around Rapid Transit Stations (PARTS) – to develop station area plans that will provide direction for future development and stability within station study areas. There are 12 light rail stops in Kitchener that have been grouped into six station areas. PARTS will also develop recommendations for capital projects to ensure that these areas are developed in a way that is transit supportive and adds value to our community.

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