Trudy Beaulne


MHBPNA is sad to learn of Trudy Beaulne’s passing. Trudy was a volunteer with our association for many years and served as President and Treasurer. She helped run a movie night at the Breithaupt Centre for several seasons and was always available at picnics and other events to sit at our NA table and discuss community ideas. Trudy also helped organize the Festival of Neighbourhoods, an annual event that brings together all the Kitchener neighbourhoods to celebrate our accomplishments and to award prizes that encourage community building.

During our many Neighbourhood Association meetings Trudy would always ensure we remembered the disadvantaged in our plans for events and in any political activism on which we embarked. She also had a happy and slightly mischievous laugh. We will miss her.

For more information about Trudy’s life, here is an article in The Record and funeral information is here.

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