Photo Contest Winners 2018

Did everyone remember we held a photo contest? We received many amazing photos and we thank everyone who sent one (or more) in. They show off so much of our diverse neighbourhood and the beauty in our mix of urban and tree-lined landscapes. Winners were picked randomly and they are:

Kathy Mortimer $50 gift certificate from Cocoon Apothecary

Ingrid Bachmann $50 gift certificate from Cocoon Apothecary

Nathan Nederpelt $20 gift certificate to CE Bakery and Experience

Thanks to our sponsors for their support!

We will be using the photos on our website banner as yet another testimony to how cool our ‘hood is. Thanks for framing it!

We will post a few now on the “blog” part of our website and keep adding a few more each week so you can see the full size photos (we crop them to make them fit the website banner).


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