Duke St. West Music Fest, June 22

June 22 is a big day in the Mt. Hope – Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood. In the morning we have been organizing a Garage Sale. For the Garage Sale we will be using a the hashtag #mhbpgarage and if you are on twitter you can post your “great stuff” to direct people to your bargains. We have a large area in our ‘hood so walk, bike, drive around to the different sites to see what is for sale. The link above includes a map showing the addresses of everyone.

In the afternoon, from 2 – 5, we have the second annual Duke St. West Music Fest (we like to call it DSWMF). Many musicians from last year are returning and we have a few additional players as well. The poster below lists most musicians but we have a couple of ‘last minute’ additions as well.

Please drop by our DSWMF. We will have treats and also be ordering pizza for everyone during the music. Last year we had over 100 people listening to our music, all performed by artists who live in the MHBP neighbourhood.

We are also happy for any volunteer help like cleaning up after and we may have various tasks during the fest. It will be a great three hours.

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