City of Kitchener and Additional Dwelling Units, April 19, 2021

The City (Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee)  will be holding a virtual public meeting on April 19th at 7 pm.   You can watch the meeting through in these COVID times.   If you wish to make either verbal or written comments you need to register as a delegate with Legislative Services prior to the meeting (

The agenda includes

  1. OPA/zoning amendments for the Polocorp development on Mill/Queen
  2. 298 Lawrence OPA and re-zoning
  3. Additional Dwelling Units.  The project team working on the amendment to Zoning Bylaw 85-1 will be presenting their recommendations to the Committee to allow additional detached units (coach houses, backyard homes, laneway suites or tiny homes) in R1 to R7 zones.  Recommendations include size of unit, setbacks, building height, location on the lot.   (In a conversation I had with the project team they indicated that there are potentially 10,000 lots in the City which would be eligible through the additional dwelling bylaws).

You personally may not be interested in building an additional dwelling on your lot but this might be a zoning bylaw amendment that you may wish to understand as it will no doubt have an impact on other lots throughout the Mt. Hope/Breithaupt Park neighbourhood.

Catherine Owens

One thought on “City of Kitchener and Additional Dwelling Units, April 19, 2021

  1. This public meeting is quite useful and relevant since KW has become a hotspot for rental properties turned into duplexes. Hoping to see more public meetings in the future on any new developments!

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