Development updates around MHBP and planning related meetings

On February 7, 2022 there was a meeting of the Planning & Strategic Initiatives Committee. Staff brought forward a recommendation on the 134-152 Shanley Street development in favour of the zoning changes requested by the developer. There were only two delegations who spoke and the proposals were approved unanimously by councillors. Although a vote at a regular council meeting is still required, this effectively allows Shannondale to begin the process of removing contamination so construction can begin.

152 Shanley has been written about many times on this Blog and searching that address will display all posts. For those interested in the Staff package, which includes comments by residents, click on this link.

The main part of the February 7th meeting was taken over by the proposed development in Belmont Village where many delegations were signed up to present. In fact, a second evening was set aside to hear all the delegations. The Record has reported on this development here and here.

Looking ahead:

March 7th at 6 pm

Planning and Strategic Initiatives Committee – no need to pre-register

On the agenda are the following re-zoning/official plan amendments

  1. King/Pine Street – 25 storey mixed use building (retail/apartments).  In our neighbourhood.
  2. 30 Francis Street – 44 storey mixed use building
  3. 142 Fergus Avenue – 7 storey apartment building
  4. 1525 Bleams Road –  rezoning from agricultural to residential


How many times have you heard people say “I didn’t know that was permitted” in my residential neighbourhood?  The City is proceeding with the implementation of stage 2b of the Crozby review (rezoning changes).  Here is an overview of the changes:  (would apply to infills in Mt. Hope)

  • Allowing 3 units within a single detached house in Residential zones 1 to 5
  • Changes to minimum and maximum driveway and garage widths
  • Requiring new buildings to have similar setbacks/heights to adjacent properties in established residential neighbourhoods

Re Crozby – these changes (2b) were part of the original Crozby recommendation/ changes from December 2019 where Council passed 2a and deferred 2b.  The PSIC meeting on March 9th is a special meeting to formalize the re-zoning on residential zones – none of the items (3 units/minimum lot/driveway/height) should be a surprise.  Council increased the allowable height from 10.5 metres to 11 metres – in our neighbourhood the typical 2 storey with an attic is 10 metres.  So, infill houses, where they tear down and rebuild can be 11 metres … not significant but it will make them higher than the surrounding houses.  So, on March 9th, PSIC will approve them – they will go to Council a couple of weeks later and then be implemented on the bylaws for residential units.

Tuesday, February 22n

4 pm to 7 pm via zoom (staff presentation at 4 pm)

Open House to learn more about these changes



Wednesday, March 9th at 6 pm

Planning and Strategic Committee Meeting to approve the zoning changes now – no need to pre-register

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