Breithaupt Running Group Celebrates Anniversary

The Breithaupt Run Group Marks 52 Weeks of Running

It’s been a great year of running in the neighbourhood. The Breithaupt Run Group has met at 6pm every Monday starting January 2, 2023 and can confirm: there are great roads, paths, and trails for running!

The group is free, social, and welcome to everyone. They typically run up to 6 kilometres at 6 minutes per kilometre pace, but that is customized to the runners present each week, which often includes dogs, strollers, and kids on bikes. They often go longer or shorter, faster or slower, or more roads or trails, all depending on the people. It’s worth noting that this is a friendly group for neighbours to connect and enjoy the neighbourhood, and not in any way a team for talented runners.

Here is a composite map they sent me of the entire year’s worth of runs. They most likely either go through Breithaupt Park or loop through Mount Hope to King St for the benefit of kids to see the Ion trains.

The Breithaupt Run Group doesn’t have a website or social media; all you need to know is that they meet Mondays at 6pm at the front entrance of the Breithaupt Centre. January 1 is the official one year anniversary run and if you are interested, you can lace up and get 2024 off to the right foot!

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