Region of Waterloo Rapid Transit Presentations

The presentations will address a number of questions, including:

Why does the Region of Waterloo need rapid transit?
How do Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit compare?
What are the implementation options for the Region’s rapid transit project?
What are the next steps in the project?

Public Consultation Centers in March 2011

• Thursday, March 3, 2-8:00 at the Albert McCormick Community Centre on 500 Parkside Drive in Waterloo;
• Thursday, March 3, 2-8:00 at the Regional headquarters on 150 Frederick Street in Kitchener;
• Wednesday, March 9, 2-8:00 at 150 Main Street in Cambridge;
• Wednesday, March 9, 2-8:00 at the First United Church on 16 William Street West in Waterloo;
• Thursday, March 10, 2-8:00 at the United Kingdom Club on 35 International Village Drive in Cambridge; and
• Thursday, March 10, 2-8:00 at the Faith Lutheran Church on 247 Westmount Road East in Kitchener.
Public information booths in March 2011

• Saturday, March 5, 9-6:00 at Fairview Park Mall on 2960 Kingsway Drive in Kitchener;
• Saturday, March 5, 7-2:00 at the Kitchener Farmer’s Market on 300 King Street East in Kitchener;
• Saturday, March 12, 9-6:00 at Conestoga Mall on 550 King Street North in Waterloo; and
• Saturday, March 19, 9-6:00 at Cambridge Centre on 355 Hespeler Road in Cambridge.

These engagement sessions will have staff on hand to answer questions, address concerns and accept feedback.

Public feedback is very important to us at the Region of Waterloo.

 for up to date information.

You can also use the region website to provide feedback right from home.

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