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One day, perhaps twenty or thirty years down the road, some of us will be able to say “I was there during the great transit debate of 2011”! It is certainly an important topic and one I find continually mysterious. One day I’m committed to the LRT because it will get me to work much faster and the next day I’m saddened by how I think it will tear up downtown Waterloo. And just when we were balancing buses versus LRT, the region has thrown a wrench into that simple plan and produced 11 options! I’m not sure if my brain can understand that amount of variety.

But help is here. The King and Ottawa blog has a great article with lots of links to information about the different plans, how much they cost and where they will go.

Here are some links to other blogs of interest: TriTag which hasn’t been updated in several months, but has interesting content. This blog has several reasoned and critical posts regarding the many transit plans and has some feisty comments on many of those posts.

It is important for us citizens to read through the region’s website with the many documents and diagrams. And the full list of public consultations is posted in an earlier entry on this Blog.

I am happy to make a date with anyone for 2031 for a drink to talk over the “olden days” before the portable transporter industry made public transit obsolete!

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