MHBPNA Jane’s Walk is Announced!

The MHBPNA Blog are pleased to announce another neighbourhood Jane’s Walk for the third consecutive year. Details of the walk can be found here. It is on May 7th at 10 am (but you should still click this link because there are details of our route and highlights of the walk).

There are other walks scheduled around Kitchener and Waterloo on both Saturday and Sunday so please visit the website for more information.

“Who is Jane?” you ask? There is information here about her life and legacy.

Please come out to the walk and tell others about it as well. In the past some people have come from other neighbourhoods just because they wanted to see a different part of the city. The best part of the walk is when neighbours talk to each other and we all learn things we didn’t know when we started out.

We look forward to seeing everyone on May 7th.

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