Open Your Ears at OpenEars

I have had many conversations where someone has said something like “KW is ok, but there is not a lot going on, like in Toronto”. This makes me get a bit fired up because there are many events that occur in this great area. In fact, with two universities and all the cultural organizations and clubs, it is often difficult to attend all the concerts, plays, films etc. that are being presented. And of  course there is the Kitchener Blues Festival and the Multi-Cultural festival and many other exciting music and cultural presentations in Victoria park. 

But one of my favourite events is the OpenEars festival which occurs every other year. It is on right now with both free and paid concerts. Their website is I encourage everyone to take in one or two events at this very special series and I highly recommend the sound installations. They are always fascinating and make you think about sound and music in very different ways. See you there!

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