More MHBPNA Programming at the Breithaupt Centre!

As Spring approaches (sometime after the looming winter), we continue our programming for you, our residents.

We have continued our increasingly popular Lego and Cricket Programs and added a Teen Girls Club.

Check out our listings below or online by Googling “Webreg Kitchener“, then enter the appropriate number example: 153511 for Lego Mechanical. From there you can get more information and you can also sign up and pay. 

The dates are the first class.


7-9 Years            Mon  6:30- 8:00 pm Jan 6     153511

Fee: $40.00   /8 wks

Use gears and pulleys to create and problem solve. We issue the challenge, you build the solution.


12-15Years          Wed  7:00- 9:00pm Jan 22      153510

Fee: $45.00   /8 wks

Stop lookin’ like yesterday girl!

Are you ready to have some fun doing the coolest styles in makeup and hair? Are you looking to learn about safe, natural products for your face, body and hair?

Then this is the program to make you look and feel like money!


4-6 Years              Thu  5:30- 6:30 pm Jan 16       153509

Fee: $25.00   /8 wks

Play based free form LEGO building. Let your child’s imagination build!  10 lbs of assorted LEGO and lots of kids.



6-13 Years             Sat  2:30- 4:00 pm Jan 11        153601

Fee: $60.00   /8 wks

Learn or practice Cricket indoors during the Winter. Safety is the focus using tennis balls and various sized bats depending on the age of the participant.

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