Wilhelm and Ahrens intersection update

City staff have completed a field investigation at Wilhelm Street and Ahrens Street West. This was done because citizens have noticed a number of accidents there and have been worried by sightlines, the grade of Ahrens, speed of cars and other difficulties in the area.

Based on their findings, staff will be implementing the following:

       “No Parking Anytime” regulation on the north side of Ahrens Street West (both legs of the intersection)
       Refreshing the centerline and stop bar in the spring of 2014
       Relocation of a Canada Post relay box currently at the northwest corner
       Ensuring minimum retroreflectivity standards are met for both stop signs

Sightlines are within the minimum requirements as set out in the Transportation Association of Canada Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads.

Staff will continue to monitor this location to determine if any further remedial action is required.

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