Festival of Neighbourhoods and MHBPNA — 2013

On October 27th, 2013, the Social Planning Council Kitchener Waterloo (SPCKW), and the City of Kitchener, celebrated the 20th year of The Festival of Neighbourhoods.  Every year, the SPCKW awards a whole host of awards to local neighbourhood groups and individuals that have commited to growing community.  The City of Kitchener also awards a $10,000 community capital grant.

The Festival recognizes and celebrates community gatherings throughout the City of Kitchener.  Whether small or large, these gatherings contribute to cohesive communities.  This year, there were over 100 gatherings submitted.

This past year, the Mt Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association submitted our two Janes Walks and our Culture Walk, led by John MacDonald, which was also a gift from the SPCKW from a previous year.

 Louis Burbach and Lane Burman from MHBPNA with our participation certificate (click on image to enlarge)

This year, the MHBPNA was received an award for 20 years of participation, as well as the Heritage Award for the Jane’s Walk through the Mt Hope Cemetery, conducted by Wayne Miedema.  If you missed the Jane’s Walk through the cemetery, it is a MUST on your yearly calendar.

There were also submissions for the DeKay Street Party, and the Guelph Street Garden Party, by the Mt Hope Midtown group.

This year, the Capital Grant was awarded to the Chandler Mowat Neighbourhood, youth award was Colin’s Toy Drive, organized by a seven-year-old who planned a toy drive for Anselma House in his neighbourhood, Edgewater Estates.

 Group shot from FON (click to enlarge)

If you have an idea for how to gather neighbours together, get in touch with us.  Our newly minted Special Events Director Louis Burbach would be happy to help.  This year, we are assisting in the organization of a Lantern Party on the darkest day of the year December 21st, as well as leading a WinterFest at Hillside Park- details to follow.

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