Survey for Statues in Victoria Park is now open

Victoria Park is within easy walking distance of MHBP and we often head there for festivals and other events, or just for a walk or bike ride. 

Recently, there has been a proposal to sponsor sculptures of all the Canadian Prime Ministers be created and placed in the Park. This would be part of the 2017 Canadian Sesquicentennial celebrations.

The city of Kitchener has a detailed page of information and links to explain the project. And there is also a link to a survey for everyone to vote.

Please read the city’s information here and then vote here. It is up to all of us to decide whether or not we’d like to walk past Kim Campbell staring towards the clock tower, or Joe Clark kicking back with the trees and the grass. What are your views on Wilfrid, Charles, Richard, Pierre, Lester, John, John, John or John (among others) coming to our park for only $300,000 from taxpayer money?

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