MHBPNA programming at Breithaupt Centre

In November of 2013 we announced several programs we were proposing to run at the Breithaupt Centre. The majority of the programs there are run by the City. If our neighbourhood association runs programs and profits from them, then we can use those funds and do other things for our community.

Due to low enrollment, only one program will be running in January: 

4-6 Years              Thu  5:30- 6:30 pm Jan 16       153509
Fee: $25.00   /8 wks
Play based free form LEGO building. Let your child’s imagination build!  10 lbs of assorted LEGO and lots of kids.

There are still a few spots left in this program, so you can sign up in person at the Breithaupt Centre, or by entering “webreg kitchener” in Google or another search engine.

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