Jane’s Walk a great success!

We had more than 20 people attend this first Jane’s walk in our neighbourhood. It was really a lot of fun to meet new people, and chat with folks we already know. There was so much good will, and in addition to the official guides, many others filled in details they knew about the area, which is what the walk is all about. The tour started at 10 am, Saturday May 2nd in Lippert park.

People came because of this blog, posters that were put up everywhere, advertising on the www.janeswalk.com under the Kitchener area, and that thing called “word of mouth”.

Helen Lippert (with help from Ken) discussed the history of the area, and the Lippert furniture factory, and the naming of the park (it was originally called Huron Park because there was a Huron Street planned for that space). It has evolved from being hidden behind trees (and sometimes dangerous) to the nicely landscaped area it is now with a community garden and yearly picnic.
Mary then took over the walk and we saw a few heritage houses along Louisa street. These are houses that the city designates as such because of

unique architectural features. For example, this house has the window on the top left, unique wooden carving under eves, and rounded windows on the first and second floors.
Anyone can read this list of houses and features kept by the city. It is up to the individual homeowner to apply for “official” heritage status which has some benefits. We walked past other houses of interest, and also the Sacred Heart Church at Louisa and Moore. I’ve walked, ridden my bike, and driven past this church many times, but on Saturday we all took the opportunity to observe its fine brickwork, and commemorative plaques.
More of the Jane’s Walk summary soon….

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