The Widening of Weber

Weber street is the vital artery that bisects our community. It is also the street which has the most divergent pronunciations between locals and visitors. Its name is (of course) German in origin and is derived from a noun meaning “weaver” which is appropriate considering how it “weaves” its crooked route through our two cities. And while it is usually a fast drive throughout its long and varied length, everyone knows there is a big bottleneck between Victoria and Guelph.

The Record has published a good story on plans for its widening. If you are interested in getting more detailed information, or providing some feedback on this process, public consultation is planned April 15 from 5:15 to 8:30 p.m. at St. Teresa Catholic School, 270 Edwin St. in Kitchener. I’m putting this on the BLOG’s calendar for reference.

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