Things to do in Kitchener in the Summer

As the summer is getting started I hope everyone will be attending various events around the city and in our own neighbourhood. Currently there is the ongoing Tapestry Festival and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. More locally, we have had a Jane’s Walk (I promise, I’ll add more photos soon!) and a picnic in Duke Street Park.

If you are planning a picnic or other event, and want a bit of publicity, please email us at and we’ll post it to this Blog. We can also put it on the Calendar that appears on the right hand side. We hope to have more listings so anyone in our area can use it as a resource for what is “going on”.

We’d also like to remind everyone that the city of Kitchener sponsors a Festival of Neighbourhoods  program. For each event you have (like a walk, picnic etc.) you can register it and get a ballot. At the end of the summer the city sponsors a Finale celebration which includes a draw for a $10,000 improvement grant. The neighbourhood with the most ballots has a better chance of winning the grant.

The Blog’s New Look: I hope no one was startled this week with the “new look” but the Blogger folks published a number of new (and free) templates. I chose one that opens up the site a bit and makes it easier to see the calendar and other links.

I also added a “counter” that everyone can see (on the right side, under the Blog Archive section). This morning the number is “71” which means the site has had around 70 unique visits in the past week or so. It is encouraging that a few people are reading the Blog and I hope the number increases as more of you send in links, event information, even photos for us to publish.

Ted Parkinson

2 thoughts on “Things to do in Kitchener in the Summer

  1. I was delighted to hear that the neighbourhood association had a blog once I moved to the area. So yes, you have readers, and yes it is a useful service!


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