Breithaupt Block is “in the news”

Readers of this BLOG will be aware that a few weeks back the Neighbourhood Mobilization Alliance hosted Craig Beatty from Perimeter Development who talked about their plans for the renovation of what they are calling the “Breithaupt Block”.  There was an article in the BLOG about their plans with “before and after” photos.

Recently The Record caught up to us here at and printed their own story. For those who missed it, the online version is here.

The Record reports “The developer added a slick wrap advertising the space on the face of old factory last week and has already seen significant interest.” I rode my bike past the buildings only this afternoon and can report the huge orange wrap brings a kind of edgy sophistication to that corner. It does announce the buildings in a big way.

We wish the developers the best because their plans are optimistic and will renovate a really nice space that has been, for the past few years, noticeable mainly for all the broken windows visible to those passing by.

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