We should all get the Blues this weekend

As almost everyone knows, this weekend is the time for the Kitchener Blues Festival. I expect this is old news, except a co-worker to whom I mentioned this casually the other day had not heard of it! So it is always good to broadcast this event.

It is free, which is very nice (ok, nothing is “free”, we pay taxes, but still….). And it is within walking distance of the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park neighbourhood. It is easy to get to, and if you manage to get a coveted spot inside the beer cage and stay for a while, you can still get home.

The schedule is located here. My personal highlight will be Dr. John playing on Saturday at 7:20 on the Clock Tower Stage. David Wilcox was fabulous a couple of years back, and he’s back on Saturday afternoon as well.

There are many fantastic artists and the website is very well organized. If you go to the Performers page you will see there are great links to YouTube videos so you can listen to a specific musician which gives you a great idea if you’d like to see them for real.

Last year it rained most of the weekend, but this year the weather looks great! So the MHBPNA blog wishes everyone an excellent weekend and we hope to see you at the blues festival.

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