Kitchener City Website Redesigned

The city of Kitchener has redesigned their website to make it much easier to navigate. Watch the big slideshow on the main page, it has some cool 3D effects going on (and no special glasses are required!).

Overall, the MHBPNA Blog is pleased with the design. Some of the menus expand so much that you really need a larger monitor to fit everything on. The links at the bottom are quite helpful (e.g. “I’d like to….” is pretty intuitive). You have to be careful navigating around because if you move your cursor past the wrong area, a menu can jump out without warning!

The list of neighbourhood associations is on a different page and the MHBPNA Blog has updated its link so you can find out about the other fine folks involved in their communities. One small problem is that on the “old” site, where MHBPNA was listed, our name included a link to this Blog. However, on the new site, there is just our name and no link. So the MHBPNA has contacted the city to get that link back!

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